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I installed my first Linux system, which was Slackware, in the summer of 1995. Then that fall I wiped root and installed the new version of Slackware. Then that winter I wiped root and installed Debian. I've stuck with Debian ever since.

Most of my current programming is in Ruby. I've previously used a lot of Perl and PHP. I use other languages as necessary, such as Javacript, Expect, or bash. I regularly try out other languages, as well. Lisp and Erlang, but I always go back to either Perl or PHP when I want to set up something new.

My database of choice is PostgreSQL, but at work I've used Oracle, Sybase and MySQL.

I've supported a variety of server farms.

In my free time, I write, program, read, watch videos, game, cook, and roast coffee. My other webpages should give a good general idea about my interests.